Veterinary Affidavits

Veterinary Affidavits 1911-1918

copied from original affidavits at McLennan County Archives by Kathy Baldree Tye

Swearing to an affidavit generally reading as follows:

State of Texas
County of McLennan
BEFORE ME PERSONALLY APPEARED [Affiant], who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says that he has practiced Veterinary Surgery for more than five years prior to the enactment of the present Veterinary Law and before making this affidavit, and that his residence is [residence].
[Signature of Affiant]
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME on this [date], to certify which witness my hand and seal of office.
[Clerk], Clerk, District Court of McLennan County, Texas
[Deputy], Deputy

AffiantResidenceDate of AffidavitClerkDeputy
Briscoe, W C15 Apr 1912W A McWilliams, JP & Ex Officio
Douglas, D PMart04 Sep 1911R V McClain(none given)
Drongoole, E B21 Oct 1912R V McClainMary Goldberg
Griffis, George W06 Feb 1914R V McClain
Janak, Joseph F05 Jul 1915R V McClain
LeGear, N G21 Jul 1911R V McClain
Marler, J EWest15 Jul 1911R V McClain
Martin, M B02 Jun 1917R V McClain
Miller, J MWaco25 Jul 1911R V McClain
Spitler, J L05 Jul 1915R V McClain
Stephens, H F04 Dec 1911R V McClain
Tosh, W UMoody08 Aug 1911R V McClainL C Rucker
Wingrove, F RMcGregor23 Jun 1911R V McClain
Wingrove, James Luther20 Nov 1918R V McClainLillian Phillips