1882 Register of Physicians

Register of Physicians in McLennan County, Texas
The 1882 Volume

Transcribed by T. Bradford Willis, DDS MSD 2015


My interest in the history of medicine in McLennan County began in the mid 1970s while researching my great-great-grandfather, Thomas L. Willis, MD, DDS. He received his education at the Medical College of Georgia and the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. He and his family moved to Waco from Pike County, Alabama in 1866 and resided with his first cousin, James Madison Willis, MD, one of the founders of the Waco Medical Association.

My latest interest in the subject began in late 2014 when I visited the McLennan County Archives and saw the many volumes listing the names of the physicians in the county. This 1882 volume is the third earliest known register at the archives and contains only three names.

Trudy C. McGuire and Kerry McGuire, staff members at the McLennan County Archives, again provided wonderful assistance with this handwritten volume. I am indebted for their suggestions.

In 2016, the McLennan County Medical Society will be celebrating its 150th anniversary. Appreciation is expressed to Bradford W. Holland, MD for asking me to serve on its sesquicentennial committee. It is my hope that this transcription of the 1875 volume will help preserve some of the history and heritage of the pioneer physicians of McLennan County.

 The 1882 Register of Physicians in McLennan County

Name: B. J. Brown, p. 25
In the margin is written B. F. Brown [sic] Medical Certificate.
Diploma in Latin from Atlanta Medical College for B. J. Brown. Filed for Record May 9, 1882 at 4 o’clock P.M. Recorded May 10, 1882 at 9 o’clock A.M., J. W. Baker, Clerk County Court, McLennan County, Texas.

Name: W. A. Curry, p. 26
Diploma from the University of Virginia for William A. Curry of Missouri. The original diploma conferred on June 29, 1850 had been lost so a “renewal” of his diploma for the Doctor of Medicine degree was signed on February 24, 1882 by James F. Harrison, M.D., Chairman of the Faculty of the University of Virginia and F. W. Page, Secretary. Filed for record May 29, 1882 at 8 o’clock A.M. Recorded May 29, 1882 at 9 o’clock A.M., J. W. Baker, Clerk, McLennan County, Texas.

Name: L. E. Gibsen, p. 27
Certificate of the Medical Board of Medical Examiners for the 30th Judicial District. The certificate states that Dr. L. E. Gibsen has been practicing in Coryell County for the period of eight years and at the beginning of that time he gave evidence that he had practiced five years prior to 1875. Signed by J. R. Raby, M.D., Member of Examining Board, Gatesville, on November 11, 1882. Filed for Record January 12, 1883 at 3 o’clock P.M. Recorded January 15, 1883 at 9 o’clock A.M. J. W. Baker, Clerk, McLennan County, Texas.

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