Minutemen for McLennan County

Volume 02, Commissioners Court Records, page 224

County Court of McLennan County, August Term 1861

Drafts received as per account above.  /s/ W. E. Oakes

List of company of minutemen mustered into service for McLennan County under act of the Legislature for protection of frontier.

1. G. B. Erath

2. Nathan _____

3. Duncan McLennan

4. Herbert Alexander

5. Caleb Jones

6.  Jasper E. Prigmire

7. R. Cunningham

8. James Harris

9.  J. C. Smith

10. J. S. Fitzhugh

11. A. M. Barnett

12. C. N. Alexander

13. A. Bible

14. J. W. Broochs

15. Isaac Richardson

16. David McFadden

17. D. C. Holmes

18. M. William McMurry

19. William Rainey

20. William Snell

21.  H. R. Pinnell

22. E. _____

23. ____

24. Jonathan Odle

25. S. S. Hill

26. A. J. Stewart

27. Thomas _____

28. P. B. Davis

29. W. S. _____

I certify that at an election held on 11th March at Searsville, George B. Erath was elected Captain; Isaac Richardson, 1st Lieutenant; W. H. Maples, 2nd Lieutenant; C. N. Alexander, 1st Sergeant; David McFadden, 2nd Sergeant; M. W. McMurry, 1st Corporal; Joe Smith, 2nd Corporal.

  / J. S. Fitzpatrick, J. P.
  at No. 2, McLennan County, Texas

I certify on honor the above to be a correct report of the minute company organized 11th March 1861 for McLennan County at Searsville.
  / G. B. Erath, Captain