Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis of WEST
Information Provided by: Barbara J. Hayle

The notes I pulled out of a book on the history of West, McLennan Co. I pulled other information out of census records and a will/deed when Jefferson died. I would like to see this posted in McLennan County so that others who are wanting information on this Zach Davis will be able to find it and contact me. Zach bought up most of the land in WEST and his stately 2 story home is now a bed and breakfast near the RR station. I would like others researching this line to contact me through my e mail address.

There are several puzzling things that could be cleared up if others of knowledge of this prominent family would be able to see this and contact me. For instance:

Did Zach sell his mercantile business the same year Jefferson died because Jefferson got killed there in a second robbery

Was America married previously or are all those children Jefferson’s?

Descendants of Francis A. Davis
Generation No. 1
1. Francis A.1 Davis was born Abt. 1821 in Tennessee, and died
1870. He married Rebecca Kendall Abt. 1844 in Tennessee.

Notes for Francis A. Davis:

Native of Tennessee, He moved to Dade County MO., sometime before his marriage. He owned about 2500 acres of land and was noted as a fine stock producer. In 1861 the Kansas Jayhawkers made a raid on his premises taking 2 fine stallions and 15 head of good saddle horses, robbed and pilfered the house of bed clothes, and all other available property. From 1861 to 1864. He devoted his time to looking after his remainder of stock till he joined the Confederate Army in the later part of 1863.

In 1863 Rebecca packed some household goods on a wagon drawn by oxen and took the family to meet Francis in McLennan CO., TX. They stopped 4 weeks in Huntsville, AK., after which they resumed a very severe and hard journey to Waco, battling a severe Northerner. She settled the Children in a camp directly off the Road in West, McLennan, CO. where she got on a horse and traveled 30 miles to find Francis who was camped on Ash Creek. He returned to the camp with her. They began the new life by renting land in Hill County, where the eldest son, Zach began farming while Dad was still in the army. In the fall of 1864, they moved to Bold Springs which is now the Village of West where they continued to reside while Zach began to buy up much of the land. Francis died in Baxter Springs, Kansas while disposing of Cattle he ran up to sell.

More About Francis A. Davis:
Namesake: suspect middle name is also Asberry
Occupation: Cattle/horse Stock Producer
Notes for Rebecca Kendall: Rebecca was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church till 1865, changed to Missionary Baptist Church, then when Zach donated land for the Baptist Church to be built. Over the years the name changed to First Baptist Church. It was just across the railroad tracks from Zach’s home. She moved with her parents to MO. after her husband died. When her second husband passed away, she moved in with her daughter, Mrs. Marable in Scurry County, TX.

Children of Francis Davis and Rebecca Kendall are:
2 Henry D.2 Davis, born Abt. 1843 in MO..
3 Zachary Davis, born March 15, 1849.
4 Martha M. Davis, born Abt. 1851 in MO..
5 Mary R. Davis, born Abt. 1852 in MO..
6 Jefferson Davis, born April 18, 1861 in MO.; died March 12, 1884 in West, McLennan Co., Texas buried in Bold Springs Cemetery.

Generation No. 2

3. Zachary 2 Davis (Francis A.1) was born March 15, 1849. He married Fannie C. Martin June 13, 1871, daughter of Patrick Martin.

Notes for Zachary Davis:
After his beginnings with his father’s cattle just over 14 years old, Zach first bought up 160 acres of land in Bold springs, now West, paying $2/3 an acre… paid out in 10 years’ time. The initial purchase became the center of the business and residential districts of West. This quickly grew to 1270 acres of choice farm land which he used both for crop (450 acres) and the rest for stock/grazing. In 1882 he began a mercantile business which he continued until Jan of 1884. He was robbed in January of 1883 and sold put in 1884, the year his brother, Jefferson died. He operated a gin for 2 years but sold it in 1887 and turned the money over to real estate and stock. He was Senior deacon of the First Baptist Church in which he gave the land in 1899 (3 lots of Block 9, Davis addition) for the church to be built on. The church first called Missionary Baptist moved to West in 1882. The original structure burned but a new red brick one still stands on the site and is named as First Baptist. His stately two-story home still stands in West, TX. as a landmark at 400 Roberts and is used as a bed and breakfast house. West has a yearly festival on Labor Day Weekend called “West Fest” and is known for the Czechoslovakian/Scott/Irish flare.

They whole family resigned from the First Baptist Church by letter 2-3-1901. They probably moved to a new area then.
More About Zachary Davis:
Occupation: Bet. 1860 – 1862, raised/freighted stock as first income

Children of Zachary Davis and Fannie Martin are:
7 i. Francis P.3 Davis, born December 11, 1872; died March 07, 1890 in West, McLennan CO., TX. buried in Bold Springs Cemetery.
8 ii. John W. Davis.
9 iii. James T. Davis.
10 iv. Fannie P. Davis.

Notes for Fannie P. Davis:
I suspect her middle name is Permelia
11 v. Andrew Zachary Davis.
12 vi. Clifford J. Davis.
13 vii. Rhonda R. Davis.
14 viii. Roy B. Davis.

6. Jefferson2 Davis (Francis A.1) was born April 18, 1861 in MO., and died March 12, 1884 in West, McLennan Co., Texas buried in Bold Springs Cemetery. He married America Mary Reed August 16, 1881 in McLennan Co., TX. by Thomas P. Speakman who became pastor of the Missionary Church in 1882, shortly after their marriage. America could have been married to a Reed previously, since many of the children were born before their marriage.

Notes for Jefferson Davis:
At death he left his family with 160 and 120 acres of land valued at 1200. There was $/400 cash which was taken over by Zach at Jefferson’s death until America went to court to regain control of the estate. There were 12 cows/calves valued at $30, 4 mules and 6 horses valued at $160 and other property value of $190.

Notes for America Mary Reed:
Unknown as yet who her second/third husband was but we know his last name was King as she was called “Mama King” in her later years and one of her children’s last name was King, Ollie. America must have been married previously due to the birth dates of some of the children. Marriage date is a fact and verified through county records. Children verified in the Estate paperwork after Jefferson’s death, and by recollection of Flora Davis, granddaughter who never knew Jefferson, but knew the other family members.

Children of Jefferson Davis and America Reed are:
15 Mattie3 Davis, born 1872; died 1890.
More About Mattie Davis:
Cause of Death: TB

16 William Davis, born 1876.
17 Sadie Davis, born 1878.
18 Robert Davis, born 1880.
19 Fannie Davis, born 1882.
20 Francis Asbery Davis, born March 17, 1884 in Texas; died April 15, 1970 in Stamford, Jones Co., TX. death cert .# 028272. He married Irma Isadora McIntire.

More About Francis Asbery Davis:
Cause of Death: coronary thrombosis
Medical Information: Buried in Lueders Cemetery Kinney Funeral Home
Occupation: no armed forces – was a farmer

More About Irma Isadora McIntire:
Cause of Death: broken hip & senile
Medical Information: In Lueders Cemetery Kinney Funeral Home
21 Jeffie Davis, born March 25, 1884; died April 18, 1961 in West, TX. buried in Bold Springs Cemetery.

Notes for Jeffie Davis:
Both born and died days after father’s death. She had to have been a twin of Francis Asberry. This child’s grave is right next to Jefferson’s and states ” dau. of J & A. M. Davis”. In Jeffs will, America Mary was shown as A. M.

BJ Hayle