Robert Smith Jr

Contributed by T. Bradford Willis, DDS, M.D.S.

This information was taken from the Centennial Anniversary of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, Oglethorpe County, GA., organized 1820.

compiled by Rev. Clement C. Cary, in 1920

Robert Smith, Jr. and other family members were charter members of Mt. Pleasant Church in 1820.

In 1973, an Addendum was compiled by Anthony Joseph Smith, Sr. and was placed in the middle of reprinted copies of this 1920 church history. Anthony Joseph Smith, Sr. wrote:

ROBERT SMITH, JR.: Was born February 7, 1749, in Cumberland County, Virginia. And died December 9, 1834, in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, where he along with the Andrews and other families had moved from Virginia. (KNIGHT’S MEMOIRS OF GEORGIA).

He was the son of Robert and Elizabeth James Smith. And was the grandson of William Smith.

He married, October 25, 1775, Hannah Andrews (born Dec. 9, 1755 died Jan. 2, 1845) the daughter of Doctor Mark Andrews [and Ava/Avey Garnett].

His will dated April 12, 1833 is on record and was probated Jan. 15, 1835 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Bequests to his wife and children.